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Workshops and Training Material

Through webinars, the SARVA team provides professional personnel and students with GIS and RS training, tool demos (e.g. Google Earth Engine), python tutorials and teachings on data management best practise. 

GIS Day 2021

The South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas team hosted a GIS day on 17 November 2021. GIS day is an international event that celebrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. The day aimed to educate and demonstrate real-world GIS applications that are making a difference in our society.

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SARVA Workshop at ACCESS “Perspectives on Global Change” Conference 2020

In this workshop session, we will present SARVA 3.0 Beta Portal and demonstrate a number of our new tools including:

1. Climate Risk Atlas: a decision support tool that combines spatial information on historical climate data, projections, impacts, and response actions.

2. Air Quality Dashboard: interactive visualizations of estimated daily PM2.5 values across South Africa. This method uses weather data and remote sensing data to predict historical air quality.

3. SDG Goal 3 (Health) Dashboard: a tool that links open data resources to targets and indicators of human health and well-being in South Africa at the local and district municipality scale.

4. Updated Data collections to further support global change research

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