Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG Dashboards are a decision support tool for municipal planners to gather data on where their municipalities stand with regard to sustainable development and as a way to directly tie SDG indicator reporting into local reporting and resource pools.

  • The information presented here covers a wide range of indicators using the best available data as of March 2020.
  • Where possible data for multiple years is presented.
  • Data is presented at the highest resolution possible but in some cases only National and Provincial Level data is available. 
  • Data has been reported per financial year (April – March) but for display purposes, a single year is given, i.e. 2008 refers to the 2008/2009 financial year data.


Hilgart, A. and Davis-Reddy, C.L. 2020. Sustainable Development Goal Atlas. Pretoria: SAEON. 

Available at

Why do we include SDG Indicators that are not directly linked to environmental risk and vulnerabilities?

People’s susceptibility to natural disasters is not only related to the direct risk they face but to how vulnerable they are. We address this by presenting indicators at local and regional levels on a diverse array of the Sustainable Development Goal indicators. Access to medical care in a district may inform a response decision around where to treat victims of a disaster. Education levels attained by different age groups or genders may determine which communication strategies may work best in preventing or responding to a disaster.