Case Studies

The selection of growing case studies and integrated analyse demonstrate how data made available in SARVA can be used to facilitate decision-making at a provincial, municipal, and local scale. 

Ocean Data Explorer

This case study explores the development of data management tools to support the activities of the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership (

Demonstrated in this case study is the Ocean Data Explorer Tool (ODET). ODET was developed in collaboration with SAEON’s Elwandle Node to display raw in-situ PELTER CTD (Conductivity, Temperature and Depth profiler instrument) data from eight PELTER Sites in a web dashboard.


Lake Sibaya


Lake Sibaya is South Africa’s largest freshwater lake, known for its high levels of biodiversity and endemic species, making it a landscape of national and international importance. However, the lake has declined over the past 20 years due to a combination of below-average rainfall and forestry expansion, leading to conflict over water resources between humans, livestock, and economic activities such as commercial forestry licensing.

The decline of the water has also affected the ecosystem services Lake Sibaya provides in the catchment. This case study highlights how past land use and land cover changes have affected the water resources in the catchment.