Indicator Dashboards

The Dashboards are a set of quantitative indicators of systemic risk to a range of challenges facing South Africa. The Dashboards and associated data are organised according to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Each SDG indicator will serve as a measure of adaptive capacity which will inform the vulnerability of the economy, community, infrastructure, and environment to global change hazards.

This SDG Dashboard Tool will serve as decision support tool for municipal planners to gather data on where their municipalities stand with regard to sustainable development and as a way to directly tie SDG indicator reporting into local reporting and resource pools.

how to use the dashboards

  • Each dashboards has an interactive user interface, which shows a graphical representation of the current status and historical trends of key indicators to enable informed decisions. 
  • Each dashboard provides a reference to the source data and the associated DOI in order for users to drill down into the underlying details of the data.
  • Icons at the bottom of the page seek to also indicate to users how the indicator described fits into the larger legislative framework in South Africa with links to relevant source material.


Hilgart, A., Davis-Reddy, C.L., Mokatsi, B. and Keebine, Galaletsang. 2020. South African Risk and Vulnerability Indicator Dashboards. Pretoria: SAEON. 

Available at https://sarva.saeon.ac.za/dashboards/

New data is continuously being published and regular updates will be made to the dashboard tool. A set of dashboards organised according to the 17 SDGs will be released over the course of the next six months.

The information presented in the tool will covers a wide range of indicators using the best available data from multiple sources. Where possible data for multiple years is presented. Data will be presented at the highest resolution possible but in some cases only National and Provincial Level data is available.

Why do we include SDG Indicators that are not directly linked to environmental risk and vulnerabilities?

People’s susceptibility to natural disasters is not only related to the direct risk they face but to how vulnerable they are. We address this by presenting indicators at local and regional levels on a diverse array of the Sustainable Development Goal indicators. Access to medical care in a district may inform a response decision around where to treat victims of a disaster. Education levels attained by different age groups or genders may determine which communication strategies may work best in preventing or responding to a disaster.